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How to connects On Display to Multiple Device

So you one working display  multiple PC, like you have one pc in your office and one in your office but you prefer to work on the Office version but some time such conditions occurs in which you have to access your office pc from your home. I guess this problem usually occurs with you as well. Right?

If yes, then I have a great solution for you and I can eventually guarantee you that this will not happened again unless you have some hardware or technical error. So without wasting any time let get to the solution to this problem.

If you have an internet connection at home & office then its will be an easy job to control two pc at a time. All you need is to have team viewer software, Its ID and Password of both computer and you can access each other pc with an Internet connection.

How to connects On Display to Multiple Device

Almost most of the computer which are coming into the market have multiple ports in it at least 2 ports for the USB, other ports like HDMI cable and VGA cable ports also. Take a look at my Working PC Back port, it has multiple ports which you can switch to different screen. It might looks Very much confusing when you are doing for the first time. But you are going to expert after reading this. The Good Thing about these ports is that they are have multiple inputs sources so you can easily switches between them. And the best part is you don’t have to switch off and on cable in a single time. Have a look at my pc slots.



I have connected my working pc to the display via DVI port and My home laptop via VGA port. So In this way I can assure the working of both laptop an pc at the same time. Here is the little fun in it. You can use some additional number of ports which you can use to enhance your performance.

Actually this is the not the trick but a lot of people doesn’t know about it. And there is one thing more about it. You can connect multiple LCD and LED with switching port in it. Its far more convenient to switch between the display rather than changing the physical ports of your computer or pc.

Another way which I have mention in the starting of this article which is using team Viewer But you need to to run team view on that pc which you wanted to access at any time. But there is also another way of accessing it you can use another software like anydesk which is kind of very light software and it provides the same facilities which you need to complete the specific task on that pc. So I left team viewer and anydesk on your own choice you can chose between them. I think both finds you fit according to your situation.

I hope that you find this article very much helpful. Thanks for reading it.

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