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Best Home Security System Reviews

If you Google “Home Security System Reviews” You will find Security system defined as “A security system is set of Hardware system which prevents unauthorized access to your system and reports its attempt to get in” I think this is the perfect definition of the Security system. A Security system makes your home feels like Real HOME. The system should be able to provide 24/7 monitoring system through which you can see outside of your home and see if someone is trying to attempt to break into your house. Got my point? Good.

So take home security in my mind I have chosen to share 15 Best Security System Reviews that can change your lifestyle forever and make you feel comfortable around your home.

Home Security System Reviews

1-ADT Pulse

ADT Pluse

This is the American Oldest Home Security Company. The First thing that I can ask about this system that this system is costly, but it makes every dollar you spend on it counts. ADT System knows when someone breaks into your house and remember to call cops. Let’s See its working and function.

      • Monitoring

I have to say its the most reliable system that why its on top of my list as well. It has multiple centers around the country, so there are 100% chances that somebody is always watching your system. So feel Comfortable as your home is in safe hands.

      • Cameras

They Offer High Resolution and provide both live and recorded Video on their Mobile App, which is ADT Plus. So you can watch any time from anywhere, even from the house as well…hahaha

      • Security Equipment

All ADT Pulse Equipments are wireless, and they let you have full control over them from security cameras to your smartwatch as well… Pretty good.

      • Installing Process

ADT Pulse has professionals for this work they won’t allow others to do installing process. So all you need to buy a package, and then they will come up with guys and install the whole system and let you decide where to mount cameras.

2-Vivint Smart Home Security System

Vivint Smart Home Security SystemSystem[/caption]

The second thing in my list is Vivint smart home. All in one feature of the security systems. It’s a fancy security system but professional as well. As compared to the other companies, they have a reliable and more engineered system for home automation and home security. Let’s See its Features

      • Security Equipment

Unlike other companies, this company has its manufacture unit through which it creates its products for its customers. All the things are pre-tested under certain conditions, and that’s why this system is costly.

      • Cameras

They come with Three Packages with the cameras with features according to Dollars. These three are Ping Indoor Camera, Ping Outdoor Camera, Doorbell Camera. All the three Camera have some Feature Common in it which is all three supports Infrared Night Vision.

      • Monitoring and Pricing

They are providing an average plan which you can afford, but you can add more features on your home security system by just going up to $5 per month for each service.

      • Installing

Like ADT pulse, this company will ensure that they install all the equipment and cameras by their professional teams.

3-Ring Alarm Security Kit

Ring Alarm security kit comes with five basic Kits which you can use to enhance security. They usually start at $199 per month. These Fives and discuss below, and they are also their functionality as well. So let’s talk

      • Base Station

This is like Core of the system which controls all the other devices connected to it. So they are the first one to introduced the master key system in it.

      • Keypad

Using Alarm keypad, you can arm and disarm any function using function code on the keyboard and its like a physical control on it.

      • Contact Sensor

This device senses when the door is being opened or when it is closed. So this device must be the first one to alert when some intruder breaking.

      • Motion Sensors

Like all the movies, it just lets you have a motion sensor in a specific area of your house, and if somebody comes in between them, it gives you alarm.

 4-Ring Doorbell Security System

Ring Doorbell 

Its comes with the variety of the functions, and we will discuss them below. It the best package for a person who cannot afford high amount on their home security. Let’s Discuss its feature

      • Instant Alert

When someone tries to a break-in an attempt to your home, this device will sense it and show notification on your phone, and you set suitable action accordingly.

      • Two Way Talk

This feature enables the users to talk to the person who is outside of yours. This is the handy feature of this model.

      • Infrared Night Vision

Well, they are using infrared technology which means their cameras can see even its dark outside. If you are afraid of dark, then this is the perfect solution for you.

      • Multiple Power option

They have multiple Power option, which means that they can shift to the second energy source to the battery, so the have 24/7 surveillance of your home and your home security to make you safe.

5-Front Point Safe House

Front Point Safe House 

Currently Un available ☹

First of all, this comes with various packages starting from $99. This system is composed of

      • Indoor Cameras
      • Door and Windows Sensors
      • Keypad
      • Glass Break Sensor
      • Motion Detectors
      • And A HUB

All these mix up in some way that they provide very excellent security to your system, but they are not much intelligence as call a cop if someone attempts to enter the home.

6-Wink Lockout

Wink Lockout Wink Lockout[/caption]

Wink Lockout System we can say that its some basic security system which provides a smart home device to control other smart devices in your home. All the security systems include cameras as well, but they are one step behind in power backup and energy sources. So they need to work on that.

7-Abode iota

Abode iota 

This system is composed of a base camera station, single door/window sensors, and a keyfob. The basic package contains a black and white camera, but they can identify the faces of intruders.

    • Pros

Easy to install, 1080p Resolution, Works with the numerous other devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT support. Free Cloud Storage and on-demand Online Monitoring of your system, which may be costly depending on the number of cameras installed in this system.



Its comes from $294 package with a lot of features in it. This system consists of Following components which areas

  • Guard (which looks like a key ring) these are used to arm and disarm the devices of this system.
  • Consists of Wired Sensors which detects when the door opens or closes.
  • If Someone enters the room, it will automatically capture its picture and then send it to the app
  • They have their app, which can be download using QR code on the device box.


9-Life Shield Smart Kit

Life Shield Smart Kit 

Life Shield Smart kit Comes with hands features, and it’s the combination of all the above functions. Let’s discuss its feature right away

      • Wireless security tablet
      • Motion detector
      • Fire Sensor
      • Door and window sensors
      • Indoor camera
      • Outdoor camera

The system provides a tablet with which you can monitor the system and keep track of the thing inside and outside of the house. It has motion detectors which enable an alert option when some tries to cross to get never it. Fire sensor is the new thing in this, and they keep off the air around it for this purpose it has an own device, and if they detect any smoke around it, it will set the alarm, and you can fire exit plan.

10-Simplisafe Home Security

Simplisafe Home Security 

Well, its look simple, but it has very much parts which make them very easy to use. So here are its parts

      • Base Satiation

It has a speaker through which it can speak specific commands

      • Wireless Keypad

The Basic function of wireless keypad is to sense the opening and closing of the door. You can Place them between two doors and then whenever someone opens or closes the door, and it will produce a sound.

      • Motion Sensor

The Motion has a curved body, and it can use to detect motion between two points you can use that anywhere in your home.

      • Glass Break Window Sensor

You need to put that 25 cm near to your windows, and if someone breaks it senses it and sends you alarm which will make you wake and you think “ Hey! I must check this out.”

      • Panic Button

This button is used when bypasses all the security system, and you manually see the robber or person. By pressing this Panic button will produce sound from every single simple safe home security system.

      • Key Fob

Well, this button is the master controller of all the devices mentioned above. You can set it arm & unarmed using this key button.

11-Life Shield Smart Kit Plus

Life Shield Smart Kit 

It consists of properties of Secure System, Door Bell System and Shield System all the security functions that you probably wanted to have in your system. It has the following features

      • Self Monitoring system.

Life shied smart kit has a big hub called Ethernet hub in all the equipment plugged in, and this is where it controls. The system contains cameras, sensors, alarm speaker, etc.

      • Self Installing of Equipment’s

They allow you to install all their equipment on your own, but they can also do that with some minimal additional fee. So they are flexible on the installing side.

      • Contract Period

They are adjustable from month to month contract period, but Vivint has at least three year of the contract period. All their equipment are pre-programmed.

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