Our Pocket Umbrella Available at Competitive Prices

Hozzyfirm is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of the pocket umbrella in USA. So do not wait to take advantage of our prices! Each year, our mini parachutists include men mini umbrella, ladies mini umbrella, children mini umbrella. Therefore, we will sell several types of small umbrellas for your wholesale business at competitive prices.

Our High Quality Pocket Umbrella

Each year, our mini parachutists include men mini umbrella, ladies mini umbrella, children mini umbrella. Therefore, we will sell several types of small umbrellas for your wholesale business at competitive prices.

Contact us now to buy in bulk for free sample help! It ought to be an umbrella for everyone. It is a critical tool that will protect you effortlessly from the harsh weather. You are safe with a pocket-size umbrella in your hand, be it hot or rainy. The umbrellas are of different size and design so that you will find one suitable for your preferences.

Choose the pocket size umbrella to use is a good idea because you can wear a mini umbrella for emergencies in your purse or car, as you never know when you get a shower.

Buy good quality mini pocket umbrella from us

Excellent quality and affordable prices Popular mini pocket umbrella You can buy from us. We trust that we will help you to find the right product for you. We carry a wide range of products so that what you’re looking for can be found –and perhaps something that you never even imagined along the way. We have found many related results if you’re interested in a small pocket umbrella so that you can compare and shop!

Try to find the right one for you by selecting the price range, brand or specifications that meet your requirements. We always have a growing selection of brands, so your favourite chances are on our site, so we offer a lot of different small umbrella colours such as blue, yellow, pink, black, white, purple, Burgundy, etc.

We also offer Pocket Umbrella Windproof

Not only for decorative purposes is a mini umbrella used. It does what any ordinary or large umbrella can do. You’re always protected from heat, rain, on the one hand, every day.

Pocket umbrella windproof

protect you from wind also. Secondly, your bag, mini bag or suitcase is small enough to hold. Your pant pocket fit comfortably, even unbelievably little umbrellas. A mini parachute is also lightweight, so when you walk or drive outside, it isn’t difficult to travel all day. An ultra-portable way to keep you dry is the world’s smallest automatic parachute.

Totes pocket umbrella

This parachute is small enough to keep it in your bags and sacks and even fits into the pockets. Totes pocket umbrella doesn’t add any trouble to your carry. Although it is incredibly compact, it is also an automatic and fully functional parachute. If the heavens open, the generous 40′′ canopy opens by a single button. Six nylon panels are jettisoning rain and keeping you completely dry. If the sun peaks out, the canopy collapses with a second button.

Wherever you strike the rain, keep dry, with this auto-open and closed mini’s a self-serving diagram, allowing you to open and close with one hand. Tap onto the auto-opening button, and the paraglider (a length of only 8 inches!) opens its generous canopy (40′′ diaper!) quickly. Then you can put your ultra-portable paraglider in your bag, backpack or even backpack!

 Our pocket beach umbrella is durable

For almost every trip, a pocket beach umbrella is an excellent companion. It should be as compact as possible for you to fit into your daily bag or case to carried at a time for use with you.

It must also be sufficiently durable to resist the rigours of frequent travel. More features include lightweight glass structures for surviving high winds, canopies that protect against harmful sunlight.

It’s not surprising that the secret to finding your perfect parable is to think about your lifestyle. You need to hide something in your pocket when you’re a commuter, forget about it until the skies are clear.

If you’re driving everywhere, you could think of investing in a decent umbrella for those short moments when you’re in your car boots

We offer UV compact pocket umbrella

The canopy of the Compact pocket umbrella made of a UV film sheet. The models “titanium effect” have an enhanced double layer of weather and UV, able to block 99 percent UV rays and protect against strong sunshine.

In the sun and dry in the rain, it keeps you fresh. The compact umbrella is quickly dry by a waterproof cover.This mini parachute has a lock on the rubber handle.

Rubber is water and abrasion resistant too so that its quality should not be affected regularly. This 4-fold model has eight ribs that give the mini paravent its beautiful shape: the frame and the shaft made out of light yet robust aluminium materials. We use high-quality pongee fabric to provide it with a luxurious texture.

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