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Best Devices for Smart Homes 2019 & 2020

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Best Devices for Smart Homes 2019 & 2020

So you made your home…Now you wanted to make it smart home right? Well NP that I am going to give info about some real good devices that can make your home smart enough that everybody will like it.

If you notice around then you might find that everybody has something smart in their house exclude the smartphones. The Basic Purpose for all these devices is not only to look smart but people brought them to solve their particular problem. So you should keep them in mind that this all is about getting safer and make your life easy.

You just don’t need to be fancy at all the time, you just need some good looking and affordable devices in your home to make your home like home and best like a safe house…Got my point?. So without wasting any time lets get you “Best Devices for smart home”.

We going to talking this in form of a list so grab a pen, paper and Wrote that thing if you like it.

1-WGCC Bluetooth Pad Lock

WGCC Bluetooth Pad Lock

This is the first device which I would like to share it with you because it has the following features

·        Bluetooth Mobile Connective

·        Fingerprint scanner

·        Portable

·        Affordable

All these things matter when you wanted to keep something safe from others and besides its affordable and easily brought from amazon.

2-Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Well Everybody is concern about low energy light and LED blub is the solution. So here it is on our number 2 Philips hue smart light bulbs. These are especially for those who are afraid of the dark. These are much more easy to use.it has the following feature

·        More Life than average blub

·        Shade created

·        Dimmer option

·        Voice Controller

3-Nest Thermostats

Nest Thermostats

Do like to keep an eye on the temperature of your house especially if there are young children in the house well then “Nest Thermostats” Is for you. It has the following features

·        Voice assistance

·        Turn Off & On using their App on the phone

·        Energy Certified

This comes a bit costly about $210 but it worth it when you living In low-temperature areas.

4-Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

It’s the best smart speaker ever had. I am personally using it and highly recommend that to you.it has the following feature which makes it a better assistant.

·        Voice recognition and control.

·        Smartest Assistant using internet

·        Connects with other (Hands-free call)

·        Designed to be smarter and adjustable to the environment.

5-Arlo Pro 2

arlo pro 2

Well, I am sure you are quite concerned about your home security as well. Arlo Pro 2 is best home camera security system which makes you feel comfortable inside the house by giving to direct display to the outside of your house.it has following features

·        Weatherproof Design

·        Indoor and outdoor view

·        Recording and live view

·        Rechargeable battery for up 6 months.

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