How To Speed Up Your Android Performance

How To Speed Up Your Android Performance

Do you have issues with your Android phone performance? Well, Today I am going to show to

Top 10 Ways to Improve Android Performance

But before we proceed to the performance improvements method, I want to make some explanation to about the Android Phone system. Basically, Your Android Phone system is just like the Computer system and contains apps, videos, software, photos, and many more things. But Features like sensors(which usually vary according to phone brand), affordability and last but not the least portability made them so much famous in our daily life that we cannot pass our time without it. If you like to learn more about Android Phone System Performance than you can check this on Android system Working Detail View.

So without any further delay, let’s get straight to the Top 10 ways to improve the android system.

1-Excessive Memory Use

According to my personal experience if your free memory reaches 85% of your free mind then, there is a considerable chance that your device will start lagging, and eventually, it will affect your mobile performance. So My recommendation to solve this problem is to delete those files which are not much important and clear your mobile Cache.

There is various software which is providing this feature like C cleaner. You can install its apk on your android phone. Clear your Cache, and I am sure you will see quite an improvement in your performance.

So let’s move to the second Point.

2-Update your Android Operation System

This is the second most important thing in improving your android performance you need to update your mobile phone properly. Usually, it comes automatically, and you all have to download it and install it, and then your system reboots, and you have a new version of your phone OS. But If you cannot wait for the automatic update, you can also update them using different tools which  I have mentioned in another article.

Update your Mobile Firmware. (link here)

3-Root your Mobile

This is such kind of solution which needs sacrifice, a lot of guys don’t know that but. If you are able to root your Mobile then you able to unlock such features which same Mobile didn’t have before rooting. But as I said when you root your mobile phone, it will not get official updated no matters which kind of mobile Brand you are using. So here is my suggestion. I Recommend Rooting When you are getting bored with your phone old features.

Note. During the Rooting process, there are possible chances that you might lose your data. So that the full backup of your important file in an external drive or USB.

4-Always Updates Apps on your phone

Well, this must not take your time as you only need to click on your store and check the update status. If updates are available to install, then you must have them. This undoubtedly increases your mobile android performance. But you must take this in your mind that keeps your memory below 85% if you wanted to improve your Android performance.

5-Use Original Launchers of your Phone

Well, A lot of people wanted to have an attractive and useful looking phone home page, and they use the different launcher to bypass their original launcher and ruined their Android Performance… These launchers are designed to bypass the original look on the home screen, but they store a lot of RAM Part, and this may cause you’re lowering your android performance. So my advice is to keep always the original launcher to make your android working smooth and fast.

6-Don’t Use Live Wallpapers On Screen

This is the Point which almost most of the user doesn’t understand but let me clear it. When someone uses the live wallpaper on-screen, it commands the screen colors to change their format each second. And that directly and continuously keep your mobile central Processing unit busy all the time, and hence it will decrease your mobile performance.

7-Use File Manager of your phone.

There is Option in your Mobile named by file manager use this application to ensure that your memory is being used by the right apps, photos, and videos. The primary purpose of this is to eliminate the use of unnecessary file on your system plus it will also tell you about how much memory is being used and whats the remaining stats.

8-Use Fast Processing Memory Card 

If you are trying to extend your mobile storage using a memory card, make sure that you have purchased such a memory card which also has good or excellent processing speed.

9-Remove Infected Files

Some file like a torrent file if usually remains in your phone can be easily converted Into viruses but they can be easily removed. Make sure that you have removed all the infected file which can be detected by my anti-viruses company which are offering their apk versions as well. So Make a reminder and try to check the file once at least per week. This will help your android phone to enhance its performance.

10-Ensure to Have Enough Space

Last but not least, try to have enough space on your phone for its proper working. As I have said Severals times in above that your free memory should be under 85%. Here is the reason why I am telling this again and again.

When your free memory exceeds 85% then whenever you open something in your Mobile using any app. It will take more time when you have more file. The more will be the data, the more will be the loading time. Google Memory to RAM ratio for Mobile and it will show you that “You must have 2GB of RAM” so the figure of RAM is perfect for running the android system properly.#

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. Stay Tuned More will come.

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