Top 3 Doorbell Camera Security System (Reviews)

Door Bell Security system

So you have built a smart house, and everything looks perfect like temperature controller, UV indexer, Security Cameras etc. But something isn’t right? Well It might be the color you have selected for the walls or the lawn is not perfect, Maybe the Doorbell isn’t right? These are the questions that come in mind when you are making your dream home.

Well Hello everyone I am here to solve your problem. If you are a family guy, then it must be very much of importance to secure your family from external threats. Today I am going to share some of the very fast, smart and effective Doorbells with cameras. So let’s get started

First, let’s discuss “Ring Video Door Bell”, Well actually it’s a successor to the door bot. It has a now better version named Ring Video Pro with Some Advance Feature in it.

Ring Video Door Bell

Let’s Talk about his features in Numbers

Ring Video Door Bell

  1. Camera

It has a camera through which you can see who is the other side of the door.

  1. Two Ways Audio Option

If you are not a well friendly Guy then you can just take a look from camera and figure out who is this guy or you can tab on Talk button and Say “Hello Who is this” Just like the smartphone call.

  1. Cloud Storage

Surely If you are living in a smart house, you will have internet access so this can also be attached to Cloud where you can store some videos.

  1. Motion Sensor

Just like in movies it has a motion sensor in it but it has a limited range which you can adjust in settings

  1. Resolution

As we are living in a smart age so resolution matters a lot especially when you have to identify someone by seeing his/her face.



The Vivint Doorbell Camera

Vivint Doorbell Camera

When you are talking about the more and more security than you might not ignore the Vivint Doorbell Camera System. It has Following Features

  • Auto Recording

When someone gets near to this device it automatically activates itself and starts recording; you don’t even know when its recording unless you have its app.

  • Live Streaming

When it comes to Camera security live streaming can be game changing and can be very much helpful. If this device is connected to the internet, then you can easily live view of the door. Just like the security camera but the feature is the “Live Preview”.

Just like the Ring Video Doorbell, it has come with a pro package. You can start from a starter package, but you have to buy the Pro version to access all the features.

  • Easy Installing

You don’t need to be a Super Tech guy for installaing this the company will let you chose to install it by yourself or they will install them. However they have provided the user manual for user assistance.


VTech IS741 Accessory Audio/Video Door Bell Camera

VTech IS741 Accessory Audio/Video Door Bell Camera

Well, some of you might know this Secret which I am going to tell you, but some Of them Already know that, but I have to take care of my user knowledge. Sorry Pro Guys.

Well the Secret is the it is actually a mobile phone company named as “VTech Phones” but they wanted to give a shot to home security systems when the funny thing is that they have well succeed.

Here are their features:

  • Most Affordable Packages

You will just spent $50 (Price may vary if you buy online) for the whole of the package.

  • Snapshots Feature

Well this feature was never introduced by the other companies but they are the first one to introduce it. When someone get near to this bell the system take a photo of him and send you right on phone.



This company is working live recording with snapshot feature, but they are not providing the recording feature right now.


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