Top 3 Trending Gadgets that Every Body Like to Have

trending gadgets

So you are looking for the latest gadgets, getting bored with the previous and old gadgets. Well, let me help you to find the latest ones. Every Body Like to be up to date and have latest and brand new technologies around them. But it depends upon what amount do you have in your Pocket, and how much you can afford.

If you are an average guy like me, then it is the right place where you can get some cool looking and fastest working tech gadgets. Its ok to be an average guy but if you work hard and develop a Pasion about something which you like to work on then, Believe me, you are going to thriving in your life. Sorry for the off-topic, I Just Wanted to motivate you guys, yes you!

Let get straight to the point. I am going to present the Top 5 most relaxed and unusual gadgets that will be affordable for you.

LG Signature OLED TV R9

LG Signature OLED TV R9

Well, every Body likes to watch movies if I am right. If you are movies lovers like me, then you might know about the  4k Videos. Well, let me tell you something about 4k. Its the highest resolution video which you can watch on specific devices like LG OLED TV R9.

This TV is about 65 inches of screen size and HDMI 4 Supported. If you are a lover of 4k, it’s all in one package. I highly recommend this TV as I have in my home. It has the following feature which I like to discuss within a number

  • Screen Resolution

4k Supported, HDMI supported, Smart Stay

  • Sound

It has 4.2 Dolly Atmos Surround Sound with takes 100W Power supply. Man, that’s a very excellent quality of sound.

  • Smart Stay

It has web OS 4.5 which is fast as compare to other models

Lenovo Smart Clock Assistant

Lenovo Smart Clock

Look We cannot just ignore the feature like smart assistance; it makes our work much easy and fast. All we need is to set some command, and that’s all your intelligent assistance will do it. If you are living in an intelligent house but don’t have a smart assistant like Lenovo smart clock assistant.

Just like Google’s Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show 5. The thing that is different in it is that it can provide a slide show on its screen of your saved photo. Let’s talk about its features

  • Fast OS

It has a fast OS, which makes it faster to the response.

  • Less Price with more Features

It can be quickly brought from amazon from $80, it has features like setting a reminder, alarm (as it’s a smart clock basically) plus it can show to weather forecast using the Internet etc.

Samsung TV: The wall and the Frame

Samsung TV

Well, Who does not know about the Samsung company? This company has beaten many companies in their innovations from smartphones to TV. It has its unique style and have a perfect match ratio between Technology and look. So let us talk about the Samsung TV. It has the following features

  • Motion Sensor

It has an element of motion sensor in it which senses when you are near to it or looking at it. Its Play the screen On and Off when you go.

  • More Bright Colours with QLED

It has QLED feature in it which can sense more colours and display more and more function of every picture which you watch on it.

  • Inspiration for any room

It has a built-in memory features so when you fix this on someplace. Let’s say the painting room then you can have a painting wallpaper on it and which matches your room wall colour and make your room more attractive.



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